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The Sheik

…Lady Diana Mayo is an adventurous woman whose curiosity gets her abducted by Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan. The Sheik wants her to be his wife but she isn’t fond of the idea. Diana makes many unsuccessful attempts to escape. As time goes the Sheik starts to trust her and lets her go out with his guards to protect her. Unfortunately, the outlaw Omair kills the guards and takes Diana to his stronghold. Will the Sheik save her?…

Dude Bandit

…Ace Cooper’s friend Dad Mason is found dead after he supposedly had a problem paying back the crooked Al Burton. Al is not a suspect and Dad’s death is considered a suicide. It’s up to Ace to investigate and bring justice to Mason’s family….

Cowboy Counsellor

…After a stagecoach robbery Sheriff Matt Verity ends up finding evidence against Luke who works at a farm and has been taking care of a sick cow. Even though the evidence appears too easy to find, Luke ends up in jail. It’s up to his sister Ruth to prove him innocent….