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The Phantom of the Opera

…bruce remembered this as much scarier, not disappointed just surprised.great classic horror. BnWMovies I guess the surprise element is not there the second time around :)…

Paradise Canyon

…Dr. Carter who has done time for a past counterfeiting offense is again a suspect in a new counterfeiting case. Regardless of his past, Carter has become a law-abiding citizen and he now runs his own traveling medicinal show. Agent John Wyatt is on the case. He joins the medicinal show crew hoping to work undercover until he find proof that will incriminate Dr. Carter again……

Symphony of Living

…Just before Adolph Greig’s solo violin performance at the Cosmopolitian Orchestra, his right hand is injured and his dream – shattered. He becomes unable to play and his own children abandon him as they no longer see the financial benefits from staying near him. Destroyed both financially and emotionally, how is Greig going to get his life back?…

A Bucket of Blood

…Walter Paisley is a talentless painter, jealous of the other who make a good living with their artworks. He accidentally kills a cat and decides to cover it up by pouring plastic over the dead animal to make it look like a statue. The plastic covered cat becomes a big hit and Walter’s new fans want to see more……

My Favorite Brunette

…Ronnie, a baby photographer, dreams about being a private detective. When Baroness Carlotta mistaken him for a detective he decides to play along. Ronnie soon finds himself tied into murder case which might cost him his life……

The Vampire Bat

…People in the village of Kleinschloss are dying from strange causes. The police has no answers while Dr. von Niemann is certain there is a vampire in the village that’s responsible for the deaths. The villagers decide to take matters into their own hands which turns out to be a more difficult task than what they expected….

Hawk of Powder River

…The ranchers of Powder River have been terrorized by a mysterious outlaw – The Hawk. No one has been able to neither stop nor identify the villain. Deputy U.S. Marshal Eddie Dean and his sidekick Soapy Jones are assigned to go under cover and bring The Hawk to justice….

Hopalong Cassidy – Lumberjack

…In this movie the famous Hoppy and his friends help Julie just lost her husband and had signed an unfair contract for her land. She needs to complete a lumber deal so she doesn’t lose her land and in the same time she needs to solve her husband’s murder….

Home Town Story

…Former senator Blake Washburn decides to focus on journalism once again. At first he tries to get ahead by uncovering local news, but soon his interest is piqued by the huge profits of a major manufacturing company. Is he honestly trying to help the community or are his efforts just another attempt at getting back into politics?…

The Christmas Carol

…The Christmas Carol as told by Vincent Price!…

Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory

…One of the students at a school for wayward girls is attacked by a ferocious animal in the woods near the school. At first the villagers suspect it must have been a wolf. Soon a second student is attacked. She barely escapes and tells the others that they have a much bigger problem than wolves….

Billy the Kid in Texas

…Billy travels to Texas town terrorized by a local gang. Billy fights the gang away and becomes the town’s Sheriff. He sets out with his friend Fuzzy to find the gang and return the money they stole. Fuzzy’s brother is a member of the gang and the two law enforcers want to bring him back and clear his name….

Oh Susanna

…Gene Autry is a famous singing cowboy on his way to collect some money. An outlaw decides to get rid of Gene, collect the money for himself and frame Gene for the crimes he has committed. Gene has to reclaim his name with the help of a professor and a traveling actor!…

Machine Gun Mama

…Two truck drivers from Brooklyn are delivering an elephant to Mexico… What could go wrong? This funny comedy has is all! Love, greed, betrayal and a truckload of misunderstandings are but a few things that will make you laugh while watching this old flick….

The Ghost Walks

…Due to an unfortunate event, several travelers take shelter in the house of Dr. Kent. The doctor is currently treating a psychic, Beatrice, who lost her husband exactly three years ago. Beatrice is in a trance, trying to connect to her dead husband and find out who murdered him. The first sign of supernatural activities is a blood stain that appears on the dining tablecloth. What will follow next?…

Girl o’ My Dreams

…Larry, an egocentric track champ, is successful in sport and has a beautiful girlfriend but has no appreciation for anything but himself. It’s about time he learns his lesson and his opponent Don is the perfect guy for the job, or is he?…

The North Star

…A small Ukrainian village is attacked by the Nazi as part of the German invasion. Erich von Stroheim, a brutal German doctor takes the children of the village and uses them to transfer blood from them to wounded German soldiers. As the children start dying, the villagers organize an attack against the German invaders….


T. F. Stockwell works at a bank. He decides to steal the money and valuables form the bank’s safety deposit boxes and then takes off in a plane along with his daughter Doreen. The plane crashes in the jungle. Doreen finds a wounded gorilla and helps it to survive. Years later Ray Gorman, the son of the man who was blamed for the bank robbery, goes out in the jungle, trying to find the fallen plane with the money so he can clear his father’s name….

Fugitive Valley

…Crash is an undercover marshal following the tracks of a notorious outlaw, The Whip. Crash’s partner, Dusty, helps him and his cellmate escape from jail. To repay his debt, the cellmate takes them to a secret valley which many outlaws call home. But will they find The Whip there?…

Baby Face Morgan

…“Doc” Rogers is a mob boss who decides to reorganize criminals in the US but picks two nincompoops to execute an easy but very important part of the plan. There’s nothing better than a cheerful crime comedy to brighten your day!…