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Frank is an inmate who escapes from prison. While on the run he is cornered in a coffee shop and decides to take…

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Genre: Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller.

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  • Summary:   Frank is an inmate who escapes from prison. While on the run he is cornered in a coffee shop and decides to take Connie as a hostage to escape the police. They run off in a fast, shiny jaguar. Watch The Fast And The Furious and see how with story of crime and speed will come alive again!
  • Decade:  
  • Genres:   Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Directed by:   John Ireland
The Fast And The Furious (1955) The Fast And The Furious
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"The Fast And The Furious" (1955) Cast:

  • John Ireland - Frank Webster
  • Dorothy Malone - Connie Adair
  • Bruce Carlisle - Faber
  • 'Snub' Pollard - a park caretaker


  1. Please send me movies that are translated to Arabic language.

  2. Hi Sima, I don’t think I have any but I will email you in case I find Arabic translations.

  3. It’s serious

  4. taking in to account when the movie was made, it is average at best. I like John Ireland and Dorothy Malone

  5. This is the second time I have watched it.
    It is pretty darn good and interesting.
    And it was nice to see Snub Pollard even in a bit part.
    I am sure that he was in the Keystone Cops many years ago.

  6. I love this site

  7. vin disel should watch a real actor play this movie.He could learn from it.

  8. The only realistic thing in this movie is the racing footage,because it is actual racing footage.as for the story itself,I don’t know where to begin,but I do know how to end.the dialogue is so bad that it’s an insult to your intelligents there are so many great movies here on. Bnwmovies.com this is not one of them.

  9. pretty good..good acting

  10. WOW Ive never though that there is a
    The Fast And The Furious” (1955)
    I’m not into seeing cars racing but I enjoyed watching this one

  11. This is one of the best action sequences racing movies I’ve seen. Pretty hot for it’s day. Regardless of lame comments, I thought it was a great movie. The name fits, and it was first! Loved all the old cars! Old attitudes, apparently, have not changed…?

  12. This is a great movie! I’ve seen in twice.

  13. The only saving grace for this movie is the racing and I am not a car racing aficionado. Otherwise the dialogue is inane and Connie Adair is so flaky as to be laughable. I’m sorry, but I have to give it a boo hiss and five thumbs down. Poor screenplay and poor acting. Thanks BnW for all the wonderful flicks you provide. This is just not one of them.

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