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Money Madness

…Glenda This movie would be great if the soundtrack wasn’t so wobbly. BellaMia I liked this movie except for the ending. Felt rushed. Erica Good movie and plot. I agree with BellaMia’s comment that the ending felt rushed. joe dina it was and sound not that good Ed Dancer Great classic movie…

The Big Show

…and Rogers, also interesting difference between the attitude of Smiley and Rufe – teevee vs. westerns. This flick is highly recommended for fans. A Nerd Re: March 29th, 2015 at 7:05 AM It has been some time from your entry. You probably have the “shortened for TV” version. It is 55 minutes -vs- 71 minutes for the full version. “The Jones Boys” and “The Light Crust Boys” were omitted also with some of the action. The full length version is availabl…

Things to Come

…In the “distant” 1970, the second world war has destroyed civilization as we know it. One of the few remaining cities is Everytown, run by The Boss who manages to keep up the peace and health of his people by shooting everyone who is sick or poses a risk to society. Fortunately, a gang of engineers is about to intervene and try to give Everytown a better future….

So This Is Washington

…Lum and Abner run a general store but when they hear that the government needs innovators they immediately pack for Washington! Too many people responded to the call and it will take quite some time until they can introduce themselves to the Marshall; so they decide to set up shop in the local park instead! What could two ‘inventors’ do at a park? Watch the movie to find out!…

Lost in the Stratosphere

…Dick and Woody are U.S. Army pilots and also close buddies until Dick’s fiancée decides to destroy their friendship, right before the beginning of a dangerous mission in the stratosphere. Watch this comedy to find out whether they’ll save the mission, their friendship… and even their lives!…

The Pay Off

…Brad McKay is a regular reporter looking for trouble and potentially for a story. When the district attorney is found murdered, Brad decides to stand up against organized crime and expose the people who are responsible for his death. Watch The Pay Off for your daily dose of corruption and romance!…

The New Wizard of Oz

…Whether you watched the 2013 Wizard of Oz or not, make sure you see this version of the popular tale made about 100 years ago! The title of this film is ironically “The New Wizard of Oz” even though it depicts the original story featuring Dorothy, The Scarecrow and The Lion, unlike the latest edition. The beginning of the movie is not the original one, it was redone in the 60s and is not accurate….

Below the Deadline

…Flash Ackroyd and his gang plan to rob a diamond store located in the neighborhood called “Below the Border”, famous for having the most diamonds per square foot in the world! Their plan is to trick the store’s secretary Molly in telling them when the next big shipment is coming and then to frame her boyfriend Terry, who is also a cop, by impersonating him during the robbery. Can Terry clear his name with the mob and the police on his back?…

My Dear Secretary

…Owen is a well known writer who has the bad habit of hiring beautiful secretaries with whom he has affairs. He hires Stephanie as his new secretary. Stephanie is actually a writer who admired Owen’s work but she quickly sees what’s behind the mask. It’s too late for her to get her old job back so there’s only one thing to do……

Scarlet Street

Chris is a working artist married to a widow who doesn’t think much of his artistic talent. One day Chris meets Kitty, a beautiful lady who happens to be broke and tries to get money from him by posing for him and complimenting his work. While Chris’s wife keeps depressing him, Kitty is constantly trying to get more money from him, money which he doesn’t have. The only way for him to get the money would be to steal from his boss, but can he do it…

So’s Your Aunt Emma

…Aunt Emma Bates decides to go to New York to see a boxing match and if that isn’t enough to shock her relatives, on the night of the match she is mistaken for a notorious mob leader, Ma Parker! What this entertaining action comedy to see how Aunt Emma will use her new identity….

The Vampire Bat

…People in the village of Kleinschloss are dying from strange causes. The police has no answers while Dr. von Niemann is certain there is a vampire in the village that’s responsible for the deaths. The villagers decide to take matters into their own hands which turns out to be a more difficult task than what they expected….

Gunsmoke Ranch

…Phineas Flagg is a greedy landowner who has come up with a scheme to buy land right after natural disasters ruin the owners and then sell their land at a much higher price. The Three Mesquiteers, Lullaby Joslin, Stony Brook and Tucson Smith, become victims of his plan. It’s up to them to organize the townspeople and try to reclaim their land….

Sherlock Holmes, Dressed To Kill

…Three music boxes made in Dartmoor Prison are the target of a gang of ruthless criminals. They’ll stop at nothing to get the boxes even though their appearance does not suggest any high value. It’s up to Sherlock Holmes to retrieve the boxes and find out what secrets they hold!…

The Outlaw

…An intriguing story which revolves around a stolen horse found in the possession of Billy the Kid. Inevitably Billy and the owner of the horse, Doc Holliday, are forced to join forces against hostile Indian, dishonest law officers and anything else which fate might throw at them….

Topper Returns

…Nominated for the Academy Award for Special Effects and Best Sound, this mystery is the third installment of the Topper series from 1937 to 1941. It’s a story about a woman who is murdered and returns as a ghost to seek the help of Topper in finding who her killer was….

Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven

…Eddie dreams of going to New York to become a famous writer. After receiving a small inheritance he decides to leave everything behind and heads toward the big city. On the way he picks up Perry who also dreams of the life that New York can offer her and is hitchhiking to get there. Even though their dreams could be hard to reach, they might have found something more valuable along the way……

Pecos Kid

…The Pecos family owns land with a mine that were given to them by the King of Spain. James Grayson and his gang want the mine and decide to take it as their own by killing the Pecos. Unfortunately for them one of the Pecos escapes, the youngest brother, and when he is all grown up it’s time for revenge……


…This is a German movie about a serial killer who murders children. The police are doing everything they can without much success. The rest of the criminals are also looking for him because their business is threatened by the constant police presence. The whole city is looking for the sick killer but can they catch him?…

Father’s Little Dividend

…A delightful comedy about the relationship between two newlyweds, Kay and Buckley, who are expecting a baby, and their parents who are too eager to help! Everyone goes crazy after they learn the good news, leading to series of hilarious scenes….