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The Blood Of Jesus

…curiosity – but one that should be seen. It is a cheapie, but worthwhile – God vs. Satan story, with plenty of old-time hymns. It alternates between the heavenly people and those living in Satan’s den.Spencer Williams, who had a lengthy career was the star. Beautiful Cathryn Caviness is an attention getter. Sandy’M My My” thats sure some Film ‘ive Never Zeen the like Before’…

Go Down, Death!

…Big Jim Bottoms runs a juke joint in an African American community. His business is threatened by the church as its following expands into his customers. Big Jim comes up with a scheme to dishonor the preacher in order to revive his business but things don’t go as planned….

The Bronze Buckaroo

…Bob and his men have traveled from Texas to Arizona to help their friend Joe who recently moved there. Joe has been gambling and has nearly agreed to sell his ranch. It’s up to Bob and his men to save the day!…

Harlem Rides the Range

…Bob and Dusty are riding along, looking for work. They come across the Dennison ranch where they find a bloody scene. Luckily they finally find work in the ranch next door, however they new companions may have something to do with the trouble in the Dennison ranch……

Breaking the Ice

…Martha is a widow who wants to move closer to widower Henry who lives in Kansas. She doesn’t have the money for the trip but her son Tommy decides to go everything in his power to earn the money!…

Our Town

…Witness the lives of George and Emily who grow up together and get married in the quiet town of Grovers Corners. This movie will touch your heart by showing you how a young family survives life’s happiness and sorrow….

Lady Behave

…A young and irresponsible girl named Clarice goes out to the Mardi Gras celebration and comes home drunk the next morning, announcing that she got married last night. Her sister Paula reminds her that she was already married but Clarice has a hard time understanding the gravity of the situation she is in. It’s up to Paula to come up with a scheme that will get one of Clarice’s marriages annulled before she is given 10 years in prison for bigamy….

The Panther’s Claw

…Everett is arrested while sneaking out of a cemetery in the middle of the night. He defends himself by saying that he wasn’t stealing, but was paying a ransom instead. He show the policemen a ransom note signed by the Black Panther and explains that several other people who work at the opera have gotten similar letters……

Rainbow’s End

…Neil Gibson’s father doesn’t appreciate his success as a rodeo star. When Neil starts working at a competing ranch he can finally show his father what he’s made of….