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Sherlock Holmes – The Case of Lady Beryl

…Sherlock Holmes and his two fellow detectives are investigating a murder at the Beryl family home. Lady Beryl reveals that she is the murderer but her confession seems suspicious to Holmes……

Time Table

…A man posing as Dr. Paul Brucker requires a passenger train to make an emergency stop because of a person who needs immediate medical attention. He then manages to pass by the baggage car guards and takes off with half a million dollars! It’s up to insurance investigator Charlie Norman and his friend detective Joe Armstrong to find the robbers….

The Case of the Cunningham Heritage

…The wealthy Mr. Cunningham is found dead with his fiancee by his side – holding a knife! Are things always what they seem to be? Sherlock Holmes is on the case to find out who will get the substantial heritage and who will spend their days behind bars….