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Man with Two Lives

…Phillip and Louise are engaged and deeply in love. When Phillip dies in a car accident while returning home, Louise asks Dr. Clark to reanimate her husband-to-be in the same way he had resurrected dead animals. At first it seems that the doctor has succeeded, however for some reason Phillip is not acting like himself……

Cottage to Let

…great plot full of twists all the way to the end…gotta love the talented George Cole’s effort as ‘Ronnie’the street wise kid from London entertaining! Good one B n W movies Robert Ellis Brilliant cast good plot enjoyable viewing no blood and guts swearing and car stunts a good story D. Leinbach Mrs. Barringtons comedic banter is top rate. Talking to know one in particular in front of the cottage, as quests arive. Christopher Myers Excellent movi…

The Great Saint Louis Bank Robbery

George Fowler’s days as a college football star are long over and he’s looking for alternative sources of income… namely robbing a bank. What’s even worse is that he has had a relationship with the sister of one of his partners in crime….

Beyond Tomorrow (Beyond Christmas)

…One of the first Christmas movies ever made! Michael and George are partners in a design firm, working hard to finish a project on time. Later in the evening they are supposed to enjoy a party at a mansion where none of the guests show up. They have a crazy idea about how to get more guests to join them. How will that work out?…

Street Scene

…A must watch romantic story about love, marriage and affairs in New York. Leading the way are Anna, who’s husband is often away on business, and Frank – a married milk collector. Even though Anna’s neighbors are frequently gossiping about her and Frank, some of them might be having affairs of their own… What will prevail? Remaining true to your chosen one or enjoying the trill of a secret relationship?…

Cause for Alarm!

…building up from the doting caregiver wife, who had to endure the heartbreaking actions/words of her sick-mentally distraught husband, right to the final scenes. What a fine actress. A glimpse into the World of the 40’s (a few years after WWII) and home life without TV, air-conditioning, doctors making house calls, neighbors, children playing, stick shift autos, etc. Highly recommend this movie. No violence either. bonnie sanders I love this movie…

The Great Gabbo

…on Like so many creepy dummies to follow, Otto seems eerily capable of thinking and speaking on his own behalf, but unusually, he’s not evil – it’s Gabbo who’s the monster, an egomaniac who can’t form meaningful relationships or even say a kind word to anyone else unless it’s through his dummy. Christopher Myers Stroheim; truly a brilliant director and actor, a geinius in the field. We Americans are very fortunate to havew access to European films…

Case of the Frightened Lady

Mark’s Priory is the home of the Lebanon family, a place surrounded by strange circumstances and unfriendly faces. The lady of the house is trying to marry her son to his cousin, Isla. Isla is actually in love with the house architects, Richard. In the same time, the chauffeur Studd is having an affair with the gatekeeper’s wife and a doctor named Aversham has a strange influence on Lady Lebanon… When people start turning up strangled with red sc…

49th Parallel / The Invaders

…A group of Nazi sailors barely evade being captured by reaching a Canadian shore. Their only hope is to head towards the United States where they can seek refuge in the German embassy. The sailors led by Lieutenants Hirth terrorize the civilians they encounter along the way and soon every soldier and police officer in Canada is looking for them……

Clearing the Range

…Bank president Jim is murdered and no one is looking for the killer. Or at least that is what people think… His brother Curt is secretly dressing up as Mexican hero “El Capitan” trying to bring justice for his brother and all other victims of the villain….

Jamaica Inn

…Mary is looking for her aunt who she think is living with a gang of pirates who are pillaging ships that pass by the Jamaica Inn. As Mary soon finds out, the pirates are no friendly crowd. Now she has to find a way out for both her aunt and herself….

Blue Steel

…Jake is the sheriff of Yucca City. He’s after the Polka Dot Bandit who has been committing crimes throughout town. while Jake is sleeping at a hotel, the hotel gets robbed by the Bandit. A man named John is suspiciously looking around the crime-scene and Sheriff Jake takes this as a clue and starts following him to find out why he was so very interested in the robbery……

The Red Blood of Courage

…A great story about a man’s greed over oil. He poses as someone else to get his land but the real man’s niece is also an owner. When someone starts taking lives and breaking hearts to get what they want, nothing good will happen….

Paradise Express

…Jed is owns a railroad that’s going bankrupt due to harsh competition by Armstong’s trucking company. Larry is assigned the received of the railroad business’ finances. Being young and energetic, he believes that he can beat the trucking company with the help of Jed’s daughter. Armstrong, however, will stop at nothing to get all business to himself……

Caryl of the Mountains

…Caryl has decided to beat her boss, Enos, to embezzling funds from the firm she’s working at. She steals the bonds and sends them to her uncle’s mountain cabin in Canada. Unfortunately for her, Enos knows what she did and is going to Canada, looking for the bonds. One mountain, a small fortune and several people who’d do anything to become rich……

The Phantom Fiend (The Lodger)

…Michael is a musician who moves to London during the times when the city is terrorized by a serial killer who murders women at night. The parents of Daisy offer Michael a place to stay and eventually he develops a relationship with Daisy. As the murders continue, the police start to connect them to the suspicious musician……

Outlaws of Boulder Pass

…Smoky Hammer is about to inherit a part of his father’s ranch, which some people find quite inconvenient. He is attacked by outlaws and barely survives thanks to the help of the Lonely Rider. Hammer decides to pretend that he died until he is able to figure out who stands behind the outlaws’ attacks….

A Yank in Libya

…Mike is an American correspondent in Libya who stumbles upon the Nazi’s plans to start a revolt using the Arab tribes. The Arabs, led by Sheik David want him dead but he escapes with the help of Nancy Brooks, an agent of the British Intelligence. Nancy and Mike are prime targets of the Nazi and the Arab tribes in a foreign country, with little outside help available….

Bride Of The Monster

…Marsh Lake is a treacherous place where people often disappear and rumors say a monster is eating them. While the police are pressured for answers that they don’t have, a young female reported takes on the challenge and begins her own investigation into the strange event that happen around that place….

Topper Returns

…Nominated for the Academy Award for Special Effects and Best Sound, this mystery is the third installment of the Topper series from 1937 to 1941. It’s a story about a woman who is murdered and returns as a ghost to seek the help of Topper in finding who her killer was….